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In ERod’s brand new segment he shares his knowledge of one of the most famous unmade Fanboy films of all time.

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  1. The Kamen rider dragon knight sequel the was to be adapted loosely for kabuto.

  2. How about Batman: Triumphant? Madonna as Harley Quinn? Another example of poor casting choices in a DC Movie!

  3. Brad Bird’s 1980 animated movie The Spirit :

  4. Everything about this concept sounds like it would both be worse than any other Ninja Turtles movie ever made AND would have been ridiculously expensive to make as well.

    • Yeah, I think that Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird were wise to back down from that film. It didn’t sound very good to me. I saw Next Mutation, and yes, it was bad, but this movie didn’t sound much better, honestly. The Turtles getting super powers like the X-Men is an idea that’s been bounced around at various points in the franchise’s history, but to me it just seems like putting things on top of other things. The Turtles don’t need super powers. Their just being half humanoid, mutant turtles who know ninjitsu is enough; having supers on top of that would just be excess baggage.

  5. Seems like a solid segment.

  6. I learned so much. I have never heard about this. O.O Also, I like the idea of this series. In fact, I like this idea more than even your main series! I’m interested to see where this will go.

  7. A turtle with a human disguise… as if he were undercover.

    Also, Metalhead fits at least 2 other descriptors from the concept.

  8. The Real Silverstar

    I’m indifferent to the idea of the Turtles getting super powers; various producers and writers have tried from time to time to give the Turtles powers, as have many kid fanfic writers who grew up with the show (I didn’t personally because I was 18 when TMNT first broke out in 1987, so I was too old to be a fan of it, but my younger brother who was of age and his friends loved it, and he like many kids did a story about the Turtles somehow gaining powers), but the idea never sticks; in the end the Turtles using nothing but their ninja skills is just too iconic.

    But Kirby? Yeah, I’m glad that didn’t happen. Venus gets a lot of hate from fans, but I never thought she was a bad idea; the character was executed horribly, yes (especially the Next Mutation writers attempting to change the team’s core dynamic–that of them being brothers–just so one of them could potentially date Venus) but the idea of a sister Turtle could have worked if handled differently. Venus being a girl and a Shinobi was at least something the team didn’t already have; the Turtles needed another boy member the way Mike Tyson needs another face tattoo.

    • You hit the nail on the head about Venus, I actually liked that they would have a female teammate on the show and in the promos it looked pretty good as I imagined her being like a long-lost sister who they would reunite with, and she could fight alongside them and teach them the ways of Shinobi, but not only did they try to make her a love interest for one of the turtles, but totally retcon their blood brotherhood so the writers couldn’t get accused of writing incest in a Kid’s Show.

      She didn’t have to be a female team member that one of them could potentially date, her being their long-lost sister could have been intriguing enough and open up their world a bit more.

      So whereas I didn’t mind Venus and didn’t give her much hate, I do understand where other fans are coming from and agree with them about Venus. Sadly, the character Venus herself wasn’t to blame, just the writers who executed her in my opinion.

  9. Good job not mentioning the original comic at all which also had a lot of these concepts in it during the image comics run.

  10. Batman-Credit-Card

    How about the plans for a second Masters of the universe liveaction movie? As we all know there was a clifhanger after the credits. Rumors say, the skript for part 2 was later rewritten to become Van Damme´s “Cyborg”.

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