Nintendo Switched On? – Unrepentant Geeking

Shaun shares his thoughts on the Big N’s latest console following the recent Nintendo Switch Event.

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I still don’t know what to think about this console but I would be curious of what it would be like to play Minecraft on it.

Neo Ultra Mike
“I’m Just here to talk and you’re just hear to listen” – Uh no offense but that’s the way it should always be with your stuff. Seriously man I’ve been a fan for years and have watched your stuff since you started on CA and let me just make it clear that though I enjoy your work and your opinion on various media… YOU ARE NOT A VISUAL EDITIOR! Seriously I know you try to sometimes match things up to what you’re talking about to try and make the clips fit with the voice over but… most of the time… Read more »

While I am a big Zelda fan, having just the one title in the list interest me in the coming months isn’t enough for me to justify the console at this time (Certainly not at launch) once a few more titles hit (such as Mario Kart and this new Mario Odyssey) are available, I’d probably consider it.