Nintendo’s Direction – Unrepentant Geeking

Shaun & Petros L. Ioannou discuss the current state of Nintendo following the company’s latest direct.

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  1. Shaun in are defense star fox zero was say to be release in 2015 all we have was the first trailer to go by and that trailer come out in 2015 E3. Luck for us Nintendo push it back to this year give the game more time.
    If Nintendo just say the game was come out in 2016 in the first place the would not have be so much hate for the first trailer.

  2. From a Company that wanted to make games (2nd generation) to one that wanted to be cutting edge and a leader (3rd Generation), to a company furiously playing catch-up as it’s elitist ideal were challenged by a superior company (4th generation) Then falls to not only playing catch-up but becomes so crippled by it’s inability to keep up that it is forced to rely on a single franchise (5th generation), to the back burner competitor that is there but has no threat and no power at all and still relying on crutches (6th generation), to for a couple of years being the envy as they switch from trying to lead to just shoving gimmicks down people throats and the tripping and falling from grace as their entire library is filled with shovelware (7th generation), to where they are now, a company in pure denial of their fall and pretending to be current and strong when in fact few people are willing to buy their obviously outdated hardware that at it’s best can only do what can be done on other 7th gen consoles and posting consistent losses each and every quarter (current though they still have yet to produced a console that is 8th gen and only the idiots who don’t realize that generations are defined by capability not age think otherwise). Nintendo has had a long road behind it, most of it rocky and lets be honest the current profit losses aren’t anything new as the SNES was the last console to be profitable, the N64 was the first console they had to sell at a loss and as many people who will defend it tooth and nail that ONE console nearly put Nintendo into the ground, Sony didn’t compete with them, they competed with Sega because Sega was the only competition Sony felt existed. The Game Cube was only life support and the Wii’s success was the first time they posted a profit for nearly a decade, only to fall as developers left them in droves leaving them with nothing but badly made shovel ware and clones of badly made shovel ware a trend that continues to this day. This fall, much like the fall of Sega comes from the arrogance of the company heads and bad decision making based on racist logic. Can Nintendo recover? Yes it can, but not by barreling forward with the same strategy that nearly killed it like they are doing right now, They need to raise their quality image, or embrace the changes Sega did a decade and a half ago, otherwise in another five years all that will be left of Nintendo is people talking about them and their failure.

  3. I’m not really a Nintendo person for the most part. I can take it or leave it. However, this was still interesting.

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