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Baking soda: cheap, easy, and a terrible idea for your haircare routine.

Why? Well, to answer that, we need to talk about pH, disulphide bonds, and perms.

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  1. I’ve honestly never come across baking soda as an alternative to shampoo. The only one I do know of is using egg yolk as a natural conditioner. I just stick to shampoo though, since I’m lazy.

  2. I actually haven’t heard of the baking soda hair washing thing. I’ve heard of lotion though. I don’t know if that works though. I’ve been getting perms since I was 13 though with only one break since then that I happened to have really recently. However, I’ve always gotten perms done with the same hair stylist since then.

  3. Very interesting. The risk of “green” trends without a full compliment of scientific info strikes again.

    I used this method for a little over a year, actually… I loved how it reduced the sebum overload (my straight hair looks greasy within 24 hours or less using conventional shampoo). I also kept gradually reducing the amount I used, as the vaunted ideal was to use nothing but water. The texture of my hair was never really impacted, so I wonder if the amount I used or the fact that I only used it about once a week made a difference. I eventually switched to Lush shampoo bars out of sheer laziness– I didn’t like mixing and cleaning the containers all the time. My hair gets oily-looking faster, now, but I think I’ve offset it by washing less frequently and using powdery dry shampoos instead.

  4. Until about 20 years ago, shampoo used to also be alcalic. Which was why rinses were invnted. Rinses were acidic mixtures meant to balance out the alcalides of shampoo. But of course that wasn’t as healthy as using a ph adjusted shampoo in the first place, which is why we don’t use alcalic shampoo anymore. Many nopoo enthusiasts seem to be under the impression that a vinegar/water rinse after using baking soda is sufficient to balance out the ph number of their scalp.

  5. I did the baking soda vinegar wash a number of years ago and didn’t like how it left my hair at all. So, I never tried it again. I have something between a 3B and 3C type curly hair and yeah it took me years to get the hang of it. I do nopoo (though I prefer cowashing) but I do the kind where you just wash with conditioner. It’s taken a while even for me to find the right brand of conditioner. I tried the very expensive Diva Curl and honestly didn’t like it. It didn’t do anything different for my hair then the $2 conditioner I had been using and had a really awful chemical smell. I finally tried the SheaMoisture brand conditioner and that worked really well to keep the frizz down, the curl in a nice shape, and smell nice without being to expensive.

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