Norm of the North – 1st Viewing

It’s a movie so bad you’ll pray the polar ice caps are melting. Doug and Rob give their first reactions to the animated dead zone.

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  1. Now this is a 1st viewing that I REALLY wanted to see. Haha. Also… I heard a rumor they’re making sequels to this thing. SEQUELS PEOPLE!

    • God, I know. At least from what I can gather, they won’t be in theaters. It still pains me this was successful enough to warrant a sequel in the first place.

  2. I love your reactions to this shitty movie. Especially the part where you two were fighting over that Mario book. So funny to watch!

  3. In these videos, I always notice that its Rob that gets angry with bad movies, while Doug is very cool with his emotions.

  4. Little Rob Schneiders! At least Rob didn’t say, “WHY ARE WE WATCHING THIS?!”. I just love your real thoughts on “The Cat In The Hat”. I bet this is worse, at least for me. Man, the CGI sucks. The worst one you’ve done first viewings on.

  5. Now see. this is where my problem with the review comes on. This sounded so much angrier than the review and in the review, you are like “i have seen the worst of the worst” it just makes the entire skit fall apart. It was all good intentions with reviewing one of the top 5 worst animated films of all time, but the execution was not great. It’s a shame since the review is fun to watch, but I do think it’s worse than Garbage Pail Kids and Cat in the Hat. Like This anger and bitterness of having to watch this should have been in the actual review

  6. thatchickwithlonghair

    I feel bad for saying this but Rob’s anger gives me such joy. XD

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