Norm of the North – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Norm of the North.

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  1. First!!! Mwahahhaa!!

    Wow, never seen Mr. Stuckmann like this before

    I knew this was going to be trash the moment I saw this trailer: I also knew everyone was going to hate it. But I thought the reaction was going to be more explosive with articles and such.
    I guess that type of thing takes time

    Also, if you’re reading this sir, the I have a question for the Q&A: how come you haven’t really done anything with the guys of Channel Awesome?

  2. Straight to bootleg VHS.

  3. Chris looks like he needs to be rescued from this movie. XD

  4. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    What’s with all these direct-to-dvd movies getting theater releases? It’s ridiculous Hollywood actually thinks that these films would make them any extra money, if anything it’s throwing cash away.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah saw this vid yesterday cause I didn’t think you were gonna post it today but guess I was wrong. Anyways I’m totally not seeing this film and I’m glad you pointed out that the kids in your audience were bored.

  6. I saw an ad for this one on a TV with no sound and saw everything I needed to know when the words ‘starring Rob Schneider’ popped up.

    I don’t necessarily hate Rob but…when you you put him in the lead role of an animated movie…no good can come from this.

  7. OMG. That intro! 😀 Also… TWERKING BEAR? DId that really happen? In a kids movie? O.O

  8. you know what? The idiotic premise of this movie doesn’t even make sense. You can’t develop the North Poll, its ICE! Most of it melts in the summer! Aside from a few Canadian islands and Greenland there is LITERALLY no ground to build foundations on.

  9. Good… good that kids are listening to Audio books for school. I’m sure they will grow up to make Norm of the North X-treme part 3 in the future.

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