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It’s been TEN YEARS since Nostalgia Critic begun! As a way of saying thanks, he’s looking at one of his most requested films. God help him.

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  1. Wait, Doug had hair before?
    Joking aside, he looks good with his head shaved. He should keep it. And I mean it.

  2. I think it’s best that doug keeps his hat on because It’s too hard to unsee that he has no hair

  3. Um… does anyone else realize that Norm Of The North stole there Font from SimcCity 2015. Right down to the White Letters and orange outlines. Google it if you don’t believe me.

    • HiddenWindshield

      Um… you do realize that anyone can just buy fonts? There doesn’t need to be any theft involved, Assemblage Entertainment, Splash Entertainment or Telegael just happened to have bought the same font package that Electronic Arts bought.

    • Most likely, the studio that produced Norm of the North just purchased the font from the same font package that the SimCity studio did. No conspiracy there.

  4. CommanderZander

    Rob Schneider. Derpy Derpy Derp. Great review. I hope he grows his hair back. Not that he looks bad without it, but he looks like a taller version of Cinema Snob.

  5. Wait… I remember the Barbie movies being good and they sure as heck had better animation to them. What happened?! Haha. That Lemmon pee scene… no words. This looks WAY worse than Mamma Mia. At least Mamma Mia gives you happy feelings. Congrats on 10 years!

  6. Henry Stephens

    Great Review, also is anyone thinking a Blu ray/DVD Collection video.

  7. This is gonna be fun.

  8. Can someone please explain to me how in one scene (where the cameraman sinks) the ice around the home is so thin they can swim under him and make that cut, but then a few scenes later and apparently around that same house, the ice is so THICK there’s a chasm forming as they run?


  9. Jackie_Treehorn

    Holy CRAP!!!
    Now I have to watch Brad’s Midnight Screening again. I remember it was bad, but not THIS bad!

  10. Fuck yes! I thought this day might never come.

    Wonder if he knows that the receptionist in this movie is voiced by Korra?

  11. SavageDeathClaw

    Norm of the North? Ah yes, the 13th reason why.

  12. Kingofthedragons27

    18:37 Gee, Doug has a ton of Blu-rays of movies I thought he wouldn’t like.

  13. With it being July 4th, I’m just relieved that you’re not reviewing Independence Day: Resurgence. BTW, you ARE gonna grow your hair back, right?

    I lost it at the Klondike Bar joke.

    I don’t think “Norm of the North” has a mockbuster clone, because it already IS a mockbuster clone.

    This movie was family approved by The Dove Foundation? The same assholes who approved most of those shitty Christian films The Cinema Snob reviewed? …Well, THERE’S another reason to NOT see this film. Speaking of which, I really need to see the movie “Jesus, Bro.”

    Who’s fuckin’ idea was it to make a trio of lemmings the comic relief? I’m also guessing that they added the pissing and the farting just so this thing can reach an hour and a half.

    Well, it’s nice to see that Mr. Greene’s approval rating is lower than that of Donald Trump’s… for the time being.

    I cannot get over your “besties” joke.

    Just thank Christ that this animated film isn’t as bad a Foodfight, and Lionsgate later went on to make better films, like the Power Rangers reboot (Now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital).

  14. Well to be fair about the two film comparisons–

    1. Tappy Feet (Lolo the Penguin) was already 20 years before Happy Feat

    2. Frozen Lands (Legend of Sarila) is nothing at all like Frozen so it’s not even a rip off anyway

    3. Chop-Kick Panda, definitely a rip-off, but it’s actually not that bad.

    Actually you know what, we could use a rip-off of Norm of the North, only one that’s actually good!

    • What did I do wrong now?!

      • I’m guessing all those dislikes were from people who didn’t bother researching those films to see whether you were right or not and just saw you as a troll trying to make Doug feel stupid with, ahem, ‘false information’. Or they assumed you were trying to defend the films you mentioned.

        • Don’t get me wrong, most of the dishonorable mentions were certainly bad, but not Lolo the Penguin; and sure Chop Kick was mediocre but it did still get some laughs out of me, and yeah Sarila was stupid, but harmless at best. It’s fine for people to disagree with me however, if they hate the films I talked about that’s understandable I hold no grudge.

          Actually considering Doug mentioned earlier about remaking bad films into good ones, I could see either one of these being remade into something better.

    • You are right but it doesn’t change the fact that at least distributors tried to sell things on the hype of popular films.

  15. idk…this was a bit of a let down. I would have thought this was going to be the big anger inducer. The one to truly push him over the edge…and he then forgets to mention it was meant to be a direct-to-video film that got shoved into theaters and somehow got a wide release…..

    I was fairly disappointined. I find this just as bad as say, Garbage Pail Kids and Son of the Mask. I think he was too kind to it.

    • Nah. It’s shitty and cringe-inducing, sure.
      But it’s not worth being angry about this abomination, a waste of energy. Let’s keep it for something even worse.

      • I mean, the review was funny don’t get me wrong, but idk…I raged at this movie. it was utter garbage and even worse than Food Fight since at least Food Fight is insane. Norm of the North is worse because it’s boring…..

  16. Guywhothinksstuff


  17. TragicGuineaPig

    A better question might be, how come the Critic doesn’t have a blue arrow on his forehead?

  18. God. I can’t believe this movie was shown in theaters. The animation quality is just so low. It looks like food fight! I’m fine without the hair if you have the hat on. It’s not so much the head hair, but the sideburns and such.

  19. I can’t of a better way of celebrating Independence Day than to watch the Nostalgia Critic tear a bad movie a new asshole.

  20. Thank God Bill was okay. I was really worried for a while there!

  21. Good God, I’ve been watching your decrepit, balding, Walter White-looking ass for 10 years now?

  22. This “Farting Lemming” movie got a Dove Seal of Approval, right on the DVD cover….

    A movie with Farting Lemmings, got a Dove Seal of Approval for kids! -____-

  23. Congrats on ten years.


  24. coffeelover239

    To quote Ian Malcolm regarding this movie, “That is one big pile of shit.”
    And congrats on 10 years.

    • It is always risky to call anything “worst” because usually assessment scales have dedicated half for “taste of shit” with the average as 7/10.

      But I presume it is like with the Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History, where they excused some trash like Polonez as “designed to be cheap” with the top competitors being quite pricey and trashy anyway.

      In this case Norm of the North was showcased in the cinema, and it don’t have such excuse like some direct-to-video knock off products.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Now THAT’S Chaos!

  25. I was so scared when Doug couldn’t find Bill. I thought he was gone forever.

  26. God had a sharp shooter pointing at you at all times; don’t give him a reason. ROFL!!!!

  27. Uzumakiclan456

    I’ve sat through terrible movies before. I’ve sat through The Room, Neil Breen, Dragon Day, an animated Titanic movie, but this is the first movie I actually had to turn off and eject out of the DVD player in disgust. By…GOD was it bad.

  28. Daniel Brizuela

    10 years of pure joy, hilarity, and seeing Doug tortured. Keep making that sacrifice, Mr. Walker. Though I don’t always agree with some of your opinions on certain things, You are inspiring. As a side note, who keeps hiring Rob Schneider?

  29. The most poignant part of the review was the give up movie creating robot.

    I feel a lot of modern 3D kids movies share qualities with Norm of the North; the laziness, emotional clichés, fart humor, and random song and dance distractions are all staples.

    It’s usually less pronounced in other films because they hire better actors, spend more on animation, and have an actual attempt at a plot.

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