Nostalgia Chick: Return of the King Part 2

And now the most important discussion one can have regarding the Lord of the Rings films, gay hobbits. Featuring special gay hobbit guest Rantasmo.

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  1. Face it. Liberals think Tolkien was a racist who believed in the superiority of western cultural. I hate liberals. I hate the way they view the world. I hate their monotone vision of reality that they never question or change.

    • But… I’m a liberal… and I don’t think Tolkien was a racist whi believed in the superiority of the western culture…
      Did… Did I miss something? Was I supposed to do that?
      Are they going to take my liberal membership card?

  2. And of course they have to throw in the “gay hobbits” bit. Theres nothing gay about it besides what insane liberals want to read into it.

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