Nostalgia Critic: 3 Ninjas

Nostalgia Critic: 3 Ninjas

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  1. I saw some of this movie about 5 or so years ago, but didn’t make it very far into it. The “cake” high-five is weird but funny. Too bad the coolest-looking guy in the movie was defeated so easily.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    Yes, the line between goofball and senile insanity is often a thin one.

    …who apparently deals with trading killer weapons designed by Nerf.

    A short, balding senior citizen who’s studied more Japanese buffets than he has Japanese martial arts.

  2. I liked the two movies that were combined
    This is a ok movie
    Cake cos people who are friends tend to make up or use some words for somethings to show there best friends
    One can easily to come up with a plan even in a minute if you haw a good enough of a fantasy
    Hogan made the 4th one work

  3. I believe they meant “Cake” as in “Piece Of Cake”.

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