Nostalgia Critic: A Simple Wish

Mara Wilson…that is all.

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  1. OK – That ending was funny as hell –

  2. She must be purged!!!!!!!!!! burn the witch 😀

  3. Some back-story on the Mara Wilson bit as I remember when this originally happened.

    Mara was upset/bothered by the harsh criticism Doug heaved on her in his previous reviews of her movies -not realizing that The Nostalgia Critic is a “character” and doesn’t necessarily reflect Doug’s true opinions. She spoke of this on her site/blog and Doug found-out and got in contact with her. He explained to her that TNC is a “character” and the he himself doesn’t hold the same reviews on her and offered her the opportunity to make a cameo on the show and offered his old home-videos of himself as ammunition for her to get some “revenge”, if only in the narrative of TNC “world.”

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