A Simple Wish – Nostalgia Critic

Mara Wilson…that is all. It’s time for A Simple Wish.

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  1. OK – That ending was funny as hell –

  2. She must be purged!!!!!!!!!! burn the witch 😀

  3. Some back-story on the Mara Wilson bit as I remember when this originally happened.

    Mara was upset/bothered by the harsh criticism Doug heaved on her in his previous reviews of her movies -not realizing that The Nostalgia Critic is a “character” and doesn’t necessarily reflect Doug’s true opinions. She spoke of this on her site/blog and Doug found-out and got in contact with her. He explained to her that TNC is a “character” and the he himself doesn’t hold the same reviews on her and offered her the opportunity to make a cameo on the show and offered his old home-videos of himself as ammunition for her to get some “revenge”, if only in the narrative of TNC “world.”

  4. Awesome review. Especially impressive that Mara Wilson herself actually showed up was very cool! Great review!

  5. Noooo. Why the video has to be off! I wanted to watch this!!! T_T Stupid NBC >_>

  6. Bubbles
    They are forcing the clumsiness of his
    Kazam was a good movie
    She just like the mirror whats wrong with it. It shows her full body she ffel that the mirror is complimenting her
    What makes you think he murdered him he just has his shirt

    She is part of movies that are big budget once you did not used any budged so you cannot be held accountable for them. Your videos are funnier then her movie

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