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That ending, that damn…DAMN ending! The Nostalgia Critic tackles AI – Artificial Intelligence.

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  1. TMZ is truly the scum of the earth

  2. You know I think the friendship between Kubrick and Spielberg is the greatest friendship in movie history and after seen your review of this movie, I am so instead in this movie and I think it is good because I know I lot of sci-fi. Also before you review this visual wonder movie, I always keep looking at it’s IMDb and Wikipedia pages about it and was shocked you are reviewing it but the review was good and better than the commentary for it. To me, I think this movie is Kubrick and Spielberg paying tribute to the stories of the god of manga Osamu Tenzuka because it’s ending was as bitter sweet as a lot of his works.

  3. So who is finally Dougs gf?!?! Nostalgia Chick or devils child”Tietz” ? :O you will know in the next issue of TMZ! xD

  4. i actually liked the ending…dont get me wrong the logic their comes from hell
    but even if these aliens things would start with backround dancing
    i would still like it.I am normally the guy questioning everything logical about a movie
    ,like when jurrassic world started i was like ok why is there a park on the same damn
    island again and then the movie begun.
    But AI is one of those movies where you have to forgot anything about logic no matter
    how useless, over the top or mindf*ck a scene is (and i know this here is a hard one)
    Just try to just feel the emotion. And i think thats what Kubrick wanted ,Spielberg is more like the family and feeling director while Kubrick is more the Horror director…and i think Kubrick wanted to give something to the world to feel before he passed out ,to prove that he can make more than scare people cuz no matter how scary your movie is ,a movie with feelings will always be longer remembered Thats why he first wanted Spielberg to make the movie. And thats why i cant stay Mad at it …

    p.s. i excuse me if my grammar is wrong english isnt my motherlanguage

  5. I never hated the movie. It was about the development of an artificial boy with artificial love. I found it quite touching at times despite its weirdness. I may be one of the few people on this planet to appreciate the alien/robot ending but I will say that I do without shame.
    I may not love the movie but I can never hate it.

  6. Holy shit Jake Thomas! The annoying little brother from Lizzie McGuire! Nice to see he upgraded to…. eviiiil?

  7. I think the idea in the movie have a lot of real potential, even if it wasn’t done as well as we would have liked, so it’s still fairly interesting. I’m not really sure how I feel about the ending because it is certainly weird and confusing, but not actually bad… There are some genuine emotions to play with in that scene, even if the emotions involved with ending it before then might have been just as good or better.

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