Nostalgia Critic: Alice in Wonderland

Dammit Tim Burton! Dammit!

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  1. I only liked this movie because of its visuals. (I was in my Alice Madness Returns and loved the dark Wonderland stuff)

  2. Eh, Critic; you’re not gonna like this one… Not only are they making a sequel to the Alice in Wonderland remake called Through the Looking Glass (Yeah, we’re finally getting the sequel by the wrong guy we want it from!), but they’re also making a sequel to Beetlejuice in that same timeframe! I swear to Palutena and Poseidon that’s not a joke!

  3. The movie wasn’t saying “Alice was Alice”… no duh. The point of that scene was that Alice had forgotten the events from the book and she was now remembering them. It was never supposed to be a question whether she was the real Alice, it was a question of whether or not she would remember it.

    Also… (sorry, I still like this movie) but you say that one might be expecting this to be a remake of the original and might be confused by the title… but the poster also shows her as an adult… and the trailers clearly show that the plot is different. How would you get confused by that? Also, the title “Alice in Wonderland” isn’t incorrect… she is still Alice. Just because she is grown up it doesn’t make her any less Alice.

    This movie definitely has a bunch of flaws, but about half of the flaws in this video don’t even make sense… they aren’t even correct flaws, it is simply you misinterpreting what the plot is and what is going on.

    • while I agree with the arguments you brought up, I don’t see how half the flaws addressed in the video are wrong or how he’s misinterpreting the plot.

  4. Was Tamara’s Malice a reference to American McGee’s Alice? Am I that old? Do I only ask rhetorical questions?

  5. aaalright I was honestly a bit afraid to watch this review of yours. Because while I can work with you talking shit about things I like, there are things I wasn’t sure about. I am always one saying, you should always see that this videos are comedy first, but if I am one thing, it’s a fangirl of a few things. One is…. well you Doug. The other major thing is Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. I just can’t work with people talking bad about them, because I enjoy them so much. I know it’s silly, it’s just me. But I am haplpy with the video as it is really :)
    I want to visit Burtonland rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy badly, and it was quite fun actually. Some things I can maybe relucantly agree on, some I won’t but that’s not the point. It was fun, and I thank you for that. :)

  6. Doug, since you’ve mentioned Big Eyes at the end, could you do an episode on it as well? I am really curious about your and Rob’s opinions on this movie. Or, maybe, you could do a Sibling Rivalry episode, or an editorial, or a special. Thank you!

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