Child’s Play – Nostalgia Critic

Time to look at the timeless holiday classic…….Child’s Play?

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  1. This review was awesome, you will be missed Phelous.

    • I agree, this was a great video. Guess we won’t be getting cross-over videos for the two “Chucky” movies.

      • They did but it was on Phelous part of the reviews so if you check out his Youtube they might still be up there for 2 and 3 I think

      • None of the four (three when you commented) “Of Chucky” movies are really “riffing” material, though. Bride (4) and Seed (5) lean even further into the humour side of things (and, honestly, were also reviewed too harshly when they first came out) and Curse (6) and Cult (7) are genuinely very good horror films. My guess for franchise ranks and grades:

        1. Bride of Chucky (A-)
        2. Cult of Chucky (A-)
        3. Curse of Chucky (B+)
        4. Seed of Chucky (B)
        5. Child’s Play (C+)
        6. Child’s Play 2 (C)
        7. Child’s Play 3 (C-/D+) (Even the creator (Don Mancini) admits Child’s Play 3 was bad.)

    • Carrie E. Moffett

      What happened to Phelous? I’m not familiar with all the critics.

  2. Child’s Play is not a Holiday classic, it’s a Halloween classic because it’s a freaking horror movie.

    • My father loves horror movies, so I watched a lot of horror movies with him as a kid. That said, I don’t really know why, but, as a kid, I was afraid of watching this one back then. When I finally got to watch it, though, I was so underwhelmed. I couldn’t believe I was afraid of it. It was so dumb and non scary. I was never afraid of watching a horror movie again since then…until Saw came out.

  3. The end of Casper!!!!!!

  4. Why must he scream and cry from dying
    It is common knowledge to know voodoo when you know someone who dose it
    A true voodoo master would protect himself from voodoo
    This movie is quite dumb

  5. Phelous wasn’t too bad in this crossovers. I watched some of Phelous’ reviews and they are UNBEARABLE. Absolutely horrendously tedious and unfunny. I’m glad to see that Phelous’ “humour” was kept to a minimum in this review.

  6. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    I like horror movies and to some extent this movie… But it’s just too goofy to love…
    For a horror movie, that’s not good.
    Review’s good as always.

  7. Carrie E. Moffett

    Wow, I didn’t know Chris Sarandon was in this! Granted, that’s probably because I avoid all doll-themed horror movies like the plague.

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