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See the Nostalgia Critic review the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie. What did the critic think of it?

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  1. I don’t mean to be pedantic… but that’s not a tank, it’s an APC.

  2. Gosh, I hope you were joking at the end. This whole film, while not a total disappointment as I was expecting before I first saw it, it was still not very good and definitely not worth all the time when he was not making regular episodes. With barely any episodes throughout 2014 and his less-then-impressive return with the 12 holiday minis I’m still unsure if the monthly schedule will come back.
    I didn’t hate the movie, but I think it was a huge disservice to the show and I wouldn’t want to see a travesty like that again. But on the other hand, Stuart Ashen did pull the feature length movie off with better effects and acting without severely raping his regular channel in the process and it was even free, so who knows?

  3. Was this movie made before or after the Burial site for the ET games was found?

  4. I have to admit I did like the AVGN film. Can’t wait to see The Critic’s movie. Nice review Critic.

  5. I love both the Nerd and Critic, and enjoyed the movie in the same way I enjoy movies on Mystery Science Theater 3,000. Normally drunk.

  6. Ego much
    Very fun
    Sins this all was ment to be like this its fine and its a fun movie

  7. Hey Doug: after a 16 hour research that would make Batman proud, I found more abour that excellent actor you mention (lets call him That Guy With The Glasses for a reference). It turn out he also make a small but impresive appearance in some Sonic The Hedgehog video. He also appeared in a fantastic SciFi miniseries called To Boldly Flee. It was a great series, with excellent characters and story. It is a shame the main character was some Tommy Wessau wannabe (someone called The Nostalgia Cricket), but the rest was really good. TGWTG makes an appearance almost at the end of the series as The Maker, and OMG he was so good, I actually belive he was The Maker

  8. That was gold! XD

  9. so… when’s the release date of the moo?

  10. (Have not watched the video yet…)

    I have to say.

    I didn’t like the AVGN movie.

    Apart from AVGN himself, it has none of the AVGN characters. I know most of them are copyrighted or whatever, but not even Justin or Mike (who were only spliced in).

    The movie is not really funny. Some of his classic reviews are hilarious, but the movie while decent, is not laugh out loud.

    The movie focuses on the life of the AVGN outside of his videos (which is fine), but that concept is boring. He also brags too much about the popularity of the AVGN.

    Eee Tee* was a bad choice to focus the movie on.

    Although it was well made and had great production value, it lost its AVGN charm.magic. Case in point I watched the Board James Mr Bucket video last night, and it was super hilarious with great cinematics. The movie just didn’t have that.

    As a final point, if I didn’t know about the AVGN, the movie would suck even more. But when I was young I used to love the Wayne’s World movies, even though I had no idea who they were.

  11. Nice review! As always funny as all hell! Thanks for all the laughs.

  12. The evil volcano robot thing looked kind of cool, at least as much as it could with a limited budget and effects.

    I’ve read a number of reviews that weren’t very positive about the movie, however that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like it, though it does make me a little wary about seeing it. Would I still watch it? Sure, if I was offered. Probably won’t be going out and buying it myself. I have watched a few AVGN videos, but I probably wouldn’t count myself as a fan.

  13. Yes, the best acting in the movie: marvel at Doug screaming like a little girl!

  14. This was a good movie

  15. classicgamelover85

    James made the biggest mistake listening to those deuche bag fan boys. They are the worst of the worst when it comes to talent. The true fans of AVGN always come back, but we also never show our faces. The false fans always show their faces, because they want their chance to be famous–they are selfish–they do not care about who they represent. They attack the true fans of AVGN! I’m telling you James next time ignore the fan boys when it comes to making your next movie. Bottomline is, be who you are, not what they tell you you are. Be yourself. Don’t listen to that praise. Overconfidence is a dangerous thing. Stanley Kubruk who made The Shinning understood this.

    Botttom Line is AVGN movie sucked because the fans made it their own movie!!! They took over your dream and that is fucking gay!!! You’re their little bitch until you realize who your real fans are. The ones who never talk but say things that are on a more inconspicuous level. Basically, what I am saying, is instead of seeing James Rolfe’s work? I SAW THE FUCKING WORK OF HIS FAN BOYS!! suggesting stupid ass shit.

    did you forget that not all your audience wants that? Your fan boys suck in life because they don’t know what is cool—then you take their suggestions–of course the fucking movie is going to suck ass! What you showed in your movie? You got to show other things. Reach out to people who are not yet fans. Help them become new fans. Fuck those fanboys they don’t know shit. They are the stupidest things on the net–worst than trolls! And I mean that.

    Show people a new experience, stop showing them the same stupid ass thing over and over as fanboys request–that’s retarded. Then that is how your videos become boring–its like “Oh brother I saw this before…” Know what I’m saying? Goddamn it! Fucking fanboys. Idiots.

  16. classicgamelover85

    Then when you make new fans your fan boys end up chasing them away by their attacks on the net. Insulting every bit of constructive criticism you get–which is vital to improve your skill. But they don’t care. They’d suck your fat one if it meant being on film again, or on the net, or whatever. Freaking suck-ups. Ass kissers.

  17. It’s one of those B Rated Pirate Quality Movies which I admit wouldn’t buy a copy of or watch in the movies because of the bad acting and non sensical plots compared to real AVGN or Real Nostalga Critic but I would watch it if it aired for free on Normal TV in the UK or aired on Sky Movies OD as we get Sky Movies.

    I wouldn’t pay for the Nostalga Critic movie neither because it’s probably more of the same as the AVGN and that is being rubbish compared to the real shows they are based on but just like the AVGN I would watch if a TV Channel pays up to have it aired for free on the paltform I pay for.

    If AVGN eventrually gets uploaded for free by James himself for being a flop on the paid platform I probably would watch it online.

    Ashan’s done this B rated awful video games movies thing right as he uploaded all of his movies for free as he knows that these awful B movies wouldn’t bring him in any money unless the paid release was an extra you could buy if you actually enjoyed the bad movies on the free YouTube showing which means he does end up actually getting more money than the AVGN one because people know if it’s a bad or ok one before they buy it.

  18. This was unexpected and fun! The movie isn’t bad if you’re a fan of the Nerd. I liked both the review and the movie! 😀

  19. Hey look, Thfbrmxitchk (might be spelled incorrectly) destroys a toy Tiger II tank at 14:22!

    Great review, it’s a very strange movie, I didn’t even know such a movie could be made, it is rather silly, but I suppose that is the point after all.

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