Nostalgia Critic: Barb Wire


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  1. Boobs boob boobs
    The women haw more then boob
    Not all saw Casablanca
    The Blind Brother was the only good character

  2. As badly made as this movie was, I’m actually shocked at the amount of slut shaming coming out of the Critics mouth in regards to Barb Wire. Everything about her costuming to her methods, none of it can be remotely considered empowered because “she plays herself off as a hooker, and let’s face it, is not very hard”. The endorsement of how Barb is treated by the male gaze in regards to the comment “that’s sexual harassment chief” and the Critics response of “and I DO have to take it”, is quite honestly appalling.

  3. Boobies are great but not when they are made out of plastic and infected with Hepatitis.

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