Nostalgia Critic: Bebe’s Kids

He’s reviewed the SNES game and now it’s time for the Nostalgia Critic to review the Bebe’s Kids movie.

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  1. Video’s not loading.

  2. do they even pay attention to the comments on these old videos?
    yea,this video is pretty broken

  3. Not loading video

    -I remember that review and it was fun especially how terrible you are at games
    -I always hate where shows or movies haw baby’s or little children being not baby’s but adults that some haw ty to secret serves Stevie is the only baby that i am ok with
    -Is his ex a man?. Is the reason why he wants him back cause he knows he is ugly
    -Kazam and Ice are better then any one in this movie
    -The Court scene is really stupid and if the rap song would not be in it Lincoln would haw won
    -PoC3 is awesome
    -How are this kids not arrested
    -What kind of a moron is this guy taking this kids.Why did child service did not put this kids in the orphanage

  4. Jesus, I’m a pasty white guy from rural Michigan and even I know how to pronounce Tone Loc.

  5. This has been another useless fact.

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