Nostalgia Critic: Bio-Dome

Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin…need we say more?

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  1. I do like the set for the Bio-Dome interior, ’cause it looks like a beautiful place to work, let alone live in. Too bad it gets trashed by the two biggest jackasses to ever insult humanity.

  2. as “nothing special” as this movie was, and despite it’s humor (well,.. “humor”).
    I actually have to admit, it’s a guilty pleasure film for me. and I will say this for Bio-Dome,..
    it is a lot funnier, than pretty much every almost single film in thee Happy Madison catalog.
    oh yeah, this flick is immature & stupid, but at least it was intentionally that way.
    this flick at least knew what it was, and just went with it. and despite it being a dated film,
    that’s still a whole lot more than what can be said of any happy madison film. that’s for sure.

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