Care Bears in Wonderland – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic finishes off the FINAL Care Bears movie! Thank God!

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    HAHA PREMATURE CELEBRATION! With full knowledge it was premature even!

  2. please keep referencing pig power in the house!

  3. -This is a shit movie
    -I like the Alice in Wonderland movie and i so really like the games with Alice Liddell now it is a wonderland
    -I actually agree this is the worse from them all and that means not much for the other
    -Lola is great
    -Like there are so many special people
    -The Johnny Deep Movie is so much better and its a good movie
    -The Cats rap is better
    -Why is coexistence of Cats and Dogs is a bad thing?
    -He is not really evil cause he is against chaos.It is a fun scene
    -This is not a princess test

  4. lol… Tweedle Dip and Tweedle Shit 😀

  5. If Lewis Carroll was born in modern days he would have been under surveillance by the police, he used to take pictures of children.

    I saw some of them in a New Yorker issue and a few are a little disturbing.

    He would have been more afraid of the cops then these bears.

  6. Please don’t hate on Carole King, Doug. She’s a very talented singer. I mean have you heard her songs? She has charisma, power, and her voice makes me feel like I’m experiencing euphoria.

  7. Since Vidme has moved and all, the video is no longer available. I want to see this review, so could you make it available again, please.

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