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The end of Christmas isn’t easy, and this movie doesn’t make it any easier.

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  1. Critic From The Future

    Matrix month, hm…
    I’m excited by the fact that it seems like the reviews will be coming out on a weekly basis for next month like they used to, although the ones replacing editorials might be a bit shorter.
    Nothing excites me more than the prospect of Doug tearing the shitty Matrix movies a new one!

  2. Very awesome review! Thank you very much for reviewing that movie! By the way, sometime after Matrix Month, can you please review the movies Freddie As F.R.O.7 and Delgo? From my point of view, as someone who’s been writing a fantasy novel and a great fan of fantasy in general, I consider them the worst fantasy movies of all time.

  3. Matrix Month? If you don’t point out the painfully obvious flaw about why machines are keeping humans, I’ll reach through my screen and smack you.

  4. So they are being attacked by army of rats and no one thinks just killing them with rat poison.

  5. Nostalgiaoholic87652

    Great review Critic! Next month is Matrix Month Squee!!!!!

  6. Next month, no Editorials, YEEEEEESSSS!

  7. Okay. Hold up. An evil VIZIER who is also a SORCERER. Who wants to TAKE OVER THE LAND AND BECOME ITS NEW RULER.

    … Is anyone else seeing the absolutely BLATANT ripoff of Jafar here?

  8. Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping January would be Robin Williams month. Meh. It’ll still be pretty cool. 🙂

  9. I’ve thought that you had enough of Care Bears?

  10. January 6th is my birthday.
    Thanks ahead of time!

  11. Well, I guess you changed your mind. Don’t think you’ll review Sonic Underground or the Phantom Menace now. This has a 7.4 on the IMDb! That’s so sad! Then again, that’s only 149 votes. Damn, I use that website too often. I thought you would review “New Year’s Eve”!

  12. The voice of Brave Heart Bear lived down the street from me. Nostalgia.

  13. Ha! I knew you’d do this eventually.

  14. So apparently various species of sheep, buffalo, cattle, wildebeests, and deer are evil.

  15. On the note that their are more to a series. their is one more Neverending story that i saw recently. i would like to see it reviewed.

  16. My theory on the horns is that those are meant to be funny triangular clown eyebrows, not horns. You often see clowns paint fake eyebrows on their foreheads, and triangles are a common motif. (Not exactly the best example, but it at least gives an impression of what I’m referring to: )

    I’m not sure why the animators made them stick up so much, perhaps they’re supposed to be real-hair eyebrows shaped into funny red triangles.

    But, Hey-hey! I’m no clownologist.


    I can’t wait >:D

  18. It’s funny you should be prejudice against horns when you claim to like gargoyles

    Also, since you did all of these Care Bears movies you owe us my little pony reviews

    • lol, thought the same thing.

      Coincidentally, when developing Gargoyles, the showrunners had a lengthy debate on whether or not horns would in fact confuse folks into thinking they were demonic creatures. They ultimately decided that horns that pointed more-or-less backwards (and not forwards) were effectively non-threatening 😉

  19. Next month is gonna be awesome! WOOO! I cannot wait! 😀

  20. Did the Vizier’s wizard school have an acting class taught by Profion?

  21. can any1 tell me the connection to this care bear special and the super mario brothers super show?

  22. I wonder if there’ll ever be a Doctor Who month?

  23. This was my first foray into the Nutcracker Suite actually and yeah, its dumb, but its also for really little kids and I watched it quite often around Christmas when I was little, mainly cuz I loved the Nutcracker music.

  24. Yay, he’s finally reviewing this!

    They have Grumpy Bear because he was supposed to help kids deal with feeling angry.

  25. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    I swear, when I heard “The flowers wont hold them for long” I laughed for a full three minutes. I don’t know why but it was the funniest damned line I have heard in a long time.

  26. Great review as always Doug, I am sooooo looking forward to January! And to steal a line from Neo: “Whoa…”

  27. And you originally said you’d NEVER review this. I love it when you ignore your standards. =D

    • The only “released around Christmas” movies I saw, and cared more about, this year were The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

      I never watched and of the Care Bears TV shows, because Care Bears is too cutesy for me. …But that didn’t stop me from seeing Care Bears Movie 2 in its entirety as a kid.
      Oh, and the only version of The Nutcracker I ever saw from start to finish was the 1993 film with Macaulay Culkin, and just be thankful it’s not the one with The Holocaust (Seriously, REALLY?).

      10:44- Well, since this is a direct-to-video movie, the answer is YES, they DON’T have the time to make new character models.

      12:50- Well, Jedi Masters Eeth Koth and Agen Kolar would be offended, since THEY also have horns on their head.

      14:46- To me, that actually looks more like a dymamite detonator than it does a cowbell.

      16:03- Nice Bane joke.

      What is it with movies with their “it was all a dream” endings. Just because The Wozard of Oz did it, doesn’t mean almost EVERY kids film should; I’m looking at you, too, North.

      Have fun with Matrix Month.

  28. I think those were actually poorly drawn eye brows

  29. Awesome. I look forward to Matrix Month.

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