Nostalgia Critic: Catwoman

Catwomen unite against the evils of Halle Berry!

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  1. I remember seeing ads for this movie at the time Catwoman was being released, but thankfully my mind told me to stay away and wait for Batman Begins to be released in the following year.

    The picture quality of this film looks like the cinematographer cleaned the lens with bacon grease.

    I also hate the editing of this film. Even when stopping on this movie whenever I’m switching TV channels, I can help bu think about how mingrane inducing the editing is, and it’s even worse when the CGI is involved.

    I also don’t get why the writers gave the title character cat like abilities. In the comics, she was a cat burgler since a very young age, and she was never bitten by a radioactive cat or whatever. Oh, and I also don’t recall the DC Universe having a Catwoman from generation after generation thing going on.

    The Catwoman costume in this movie is less of a superhero suit and more of a superhero porny parody suit. Seriously, writers, director, and costume designers, you people are sick and stupid.

    The cat puns in this movie are about as bad as the ice puns in Batman & Robin.

    Fuckin’ douchbag cop. He wouldn’t immediately recognize same handwriting or who’s behind the mask if they slapped him across the face.

    You may have your negatives on The Dark Knight Rises, Doug, but you have to admit that it’s the best thing to ever happen to Catwoman since Batman Returns, because it’s a movie that’s much more intelligent that this piece of shit that should have never been made or released. Fuck this movie to the Hell it came from.

    23:13- And she later got ran over by the Batmobile and died that night. DUH END.

    Calling Halle Berry as Catwoman “fine” is an insult to anyone who knows how stupid this entire film is. The only good this she ever did for this film was accepting her Razzie Award for worst actress.

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