Commando – Nostalgia Critic

Insert macho Arnold one-liner here.

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  1. this video won’t load

  2. I like this movie
    Arnold has only one bad movie other are very fun
    Jackass stunts are fun
    They don’t shoot cos they need him alive
    CSI Miami jokes ruin the videos so never do them
    She took lessons on how to fly
    The Action scenes are awesome

  3. This is like a shooting game with Arnold with the invincible cheat activated plus auto aim and limitless ammo or the a spoof of “Rambo”, specially the Anhold fires the M60 Machine Gun.
    Wait, no CSI Miami joke when he kills Sonny??? or the steamy kill of Bennet?? That´s lame.
    Otherwise, the plot is stupid but it´s a fun 80 full of cheese movie.

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