Nostalgia Critic Commentary: AI

How evil is TMZ? Find out in this commentary on AI.

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What is TMZ exactly?

You just proved to me (unintentionally of course) why A.I. is a visionary masterpiece. A.I.’s ending is ridiculously depressing, particularly once you realise that the cloned Monica is thoroughly unlike the real one (in fact they’re 2 completely different people). The clone Monica is fake designed to unconditionally love David, just as David was created to unconditionally love Monica. But both David and the audience bought it, which is why everyone complained about this being a “happy” ending. Is this our understanding of love? Programmed obsession? What’s ironic is that’s precisely what Spielberg intends to show you in this scene.… Read more »

If you’re looking for something good with William Hurt (and maybe you have at this point Doug) take a look at Kiss of the Spider Woman; which her won an Oscar for. But I personally liked him in A History of Violence, Syriana, and his bit part in Into the Wild. Also, my girlfriend dragged me to see The Host (Stephanie Meyer) and he was actually decent in it.