Nostalgia Critic Commentary: Disney Afternoon

There’s so much to do, get it ready just for you!

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  1. KamenRiderHellhound

    That line is from “Even Stevens”

    Louis Stevens: [to crowd] And is it fair that Pluto has to live in a dog house, while Goofy, who is also a dog gets to drive around and play golf with Mickey?
    [everyone looks perplexed]
    Louis Stevens: It’s just something that’s always bothered me

  2. Tamara should wear that “Magical Mother Fucker” shirt more often. 😀

  3. Zummi (the Gummi Bear in the wizard’s outfit) was voiced by Paul Winchell for the first 5 seasons, and Jim Cummings in the 6th.

  4. I was born in 1997, I never watched these shows, but I still love this episode because it is really familiar in a way. Maybe it’s because their merchandise was always in thrift stores and I grew up in a thrift store or something…
    But anyways, it’s weird but this episode made me feel nostalgic.

  5. I actually miss the “No Fear” t-shirts.

  6. Oh now I want to see a “Doritos” Cartoon series. lol

  7. The trope is “Furry Confusion”. Funny animal characters co-existing with regular animal characters

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