Nostalgia Critic Commentary: Moonwalker

Doug’s comments on his Moonwalker review.

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  1. And not one Beatles joke because one of the kids was Sean Lennon?

  2. Don’t get me wrong; I am born 1975 and, damn… as hard as I laughed at Moonwalker when it came out… that “Smooth Criminal”-part was so awesome that even years later I just had to buy the DVD for it.

    BUT… I always have this tingling in the back of my head when MJ is called “innovative” – he was (for sure) one of the best if not THE best “interprete”. But when it comes to dance and music he was in no way inventive or innovative.

    The dances in Smooth Criminal? Stolen… oh wait… “imitated” from Fred Astair:
    But even knowing that makes me want to see it again… right now.

    Oh… and I love the expressive “orgasm” part. In fact, I find it to be one of the rare true moments, where the dancers are just willing to express a little bit of the tension burning inside them.

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