Nostalgia Critic Commentary: Secret of NIMH 2

Doug’s gives more insight into his Secret of NIHM 2 review in this commentary.

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  1. yes, I did see those crappy Harry Potter films. and fine, maybe things were more like that in the movies…but in the books, everything that people said to you is basically correct…

    …this is why I really hate those cruddy Harry Potter movie adaptations. The books were immensely better, and people who have never read the books or even had an interest in reading the books will see the trailer for the movie and think “Oh yeah sure I got time to kill, I’ll go see this move that is obviously not meant for me since I’m not a fan of the books, and then when it’s not to my liking or when I have any kind of problem with it, I’ll bitch and complain about how it’s a sucky story even though that’s basically the exact same as someone saying Avatar the Last Airbender is a shitty franchise when that person only ever saw the M Night Shamalan movie”


  2. Where’s the video?

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