Nostalgia Critic Commentary: The Lorax

How ba-a-a-ad can it be? Find out as Doug talks about his review of – The Lorax.

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  1. I hate this movie, not for it’s perversion of the original and its message, as I’m not nostalgic at all for Dr. Seuss. I hate this movie because it’s riddled with cliches, the musical numbers are terrible and phoned in, it’s dreadfully unfunny, it’s ridiculously contrived, the stakes are nonexistent (If Zac and Taylor fail to plant the tree….so what?)

  2. This is why Horton Hears A Who was better.

  3. Anime Freak's CA Account

    When is Rob getting his own spin off?
    Dun da da dun!
    It’s the Rob Show!
    Dun dee da duuuuuun…….no one?
    ……..poor Rob……

  4. “We didn’t wanna make her like negative and points out everything that’s wrong with something”

    That’s Yahtzee Croshaw

  5. the video is not working

  6. the video is not working.

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