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Starring Vanilla Ice. Need we say more?… Yes. The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1991’s Cool as Ice.

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  1. I don’t know what’s more scary;
    the fact that this exists, or the possibility that justin bieber reincarnated from this cracker jack style.
    for some reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an “unofficial” sequel to this flick, staring bieber.

    • Excuse me but Vanilla Ice is actually a thousand times better then Biber cos Biber sucks in everything

    • Woa!!! This movie is really a big load of crap, and yeah…they probably want to do a remake starring Justin Gayber…and that one will suck 1 trillion more times, but it would be popular because of the stupid fundamentalist fangirl club that Gayber has.

  2. yea this video wont load

  3. -I don’t hate Vanilla Ice i actually like some of his music
    -This is a fine movie pointless and unnecessary but its fine
    -I am sure that is not Ice’s fault that she fell cos the horse was not that close to the jump to be scared like that
    -Ice if the product of his era
    -Some of these people and the town is stuck in the 50s
    -Why do people judge people on how they look
    -What is the definition of White?
    -Its not easy to come up with movies of making a movie of a singer just think about Moonwalker
    -The music is great

    • I’ll admit, I jammed to “Ice Ice Baby” back when he first hit the scene. But honestly, the whole “white rapper” played out really quick. For one thing, the “white rapper” thing was perfected by The Beastie Boys, who actually had real musical talent and just happened to try out Hip Hop as a change of pace. The thing is, the Beastie Boys did good music, so they didn’t have to capitalize on the whole “white rappers” shtick. The real difference: the Beasties were just Hip Hop artists who happened to be white.

      But unlike the Beasties, Ice had more ego than his talent could handle, so he faded into the background as a joke, while the Beasties continued to do what they do.

  4. Dough this video like some other will not load

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