Nostalgia Critic: Digimon the Movie

No way I’m going after this flick alone!

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  1. I’ve noticed that none of JesuOtakus own videos are on the new site. Why is that?

    • She left the site shortly before the move was made. She uploaded a ‘farewell’ video to TGWTG, as I recall she was up a tree while filming. But that, along with 90% of their other lady reviewers, wasn’t copied over to the new site.

  2. I, somehow, enjoy the digirap

  3. “does every Digimon get a narrator to announce their name”
    THEY’RE SAYING THEIR OWN NAMES. Fucking hell, he really sucks at paying attention.

  4. Its kinda embarrassing to look back and realize I actually enjoyed this when I first watched this.

  5. OMG when i heard the ring tone i was like ” i know this” i was scratching i was thinking i was brain storming i was trying to write phonetics into google

    but it finally stroke me

    Full metal achemist (original series) 1st opening :3 ^^ <3 original series were best series

  6. you made me cry jesuotaku :( i cannot stop to listen to the music now :'( it was last show i watched with my brother together :'( (dont worry he is only married now)

  7. Watch Summer Wars! It’s the plot of the first half of the digimon movie but actually good.I’m kind of sad they didn’t mention that.

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