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By popular demand! The Nostalgia Critic review’s Doug’s 1st Movie!

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  1. For me, personally;
    this show was like the “King Of The Hill” of Saturday Morning Cartoons.
    not so bad, but definitely not that memorable. it was plain & kinda bland, but I’ve seen worse.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen in on Disney channel or Nickelodeon, just on the WB network…
    you know,.. BEFORE they completely abolished cartoons from ever playing on it ever again…
    I think they even had a special one time or another of playing this film on the network too.
    although it was like, once or twice or so. I don’t really remember. all’s I know is;
    the show itself was pretty bland & forgettable, but it was also okay filler for until a next cartoon.

  2. I never liked the show it was boring and dumb
    This movies is stupid it could have been made better
    Your reaction to the new theme is hilarious
    Seriously Valentine pointless day whats with the people
    Doug has some psychological problems with the fantasy’s

    Wheres the crossover with Nash that you wanted to do Critic WHERE IS IT?

    The funniest part of this video is when Dough is stuck in his head and Skeeter is wanting to join him

    The disguise part is so retarded
    It would be sadder and better if the robot died and did not crawled around
    Doug is smiling while the robot is suffering i know its a robot but still this proves that he has problems

  3. And Why? I was a kid when I saw this show. Billy West from Futurama is the voice of Doug.

  4. this never made onto any of the NC fuck up videos, but should have, namely because of the rant about High School girls. why? simple; these kids are all in MIDDLE SCHOOL. It even says so in the shot that shows the outside of the school; the sign blatantly says “Bluffington Middle School” so, yeah, kinda fucked up on that one Mr. Walker. although, to be fair, all the stuff you said about High School girls, about being superficial and mega-judging on appearances and thighs and being the reason Twilight got any popularity….all that stuff is actually even MORE true of Middle School girls than it is of High School girls, so, in a way you kind of actually didn’t fuck up, you just called them by the wrong thing.

    also Disney royally fucked this show up the ass. it was way better on Nickelodeon….I mean it was still pretty low key and mellow, but…shit like the robot and the shrink ray never happened on the Nick version, it never got THAT stupid. Disney screwed this show over.

  5. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    Again, as an Australian, I never really watched much Nickelodeon as a kid, so I have no idea about anything in this movie. I have no comment really.

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