Nostalgia Critic Editiorial: Are You Sick of Let it Go?

Here’s a musical version of why you should be.

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  1. (Puts on a blindfold and prepares to be killed.) I actually really like the song even a year later.

    Probably because I never “glutted” myself on it and I didn’t have any kids to play it 24/7. I only listened to it “in moderation”. I also never listened to a single cover of the song start to finish. I only ever listened to the Idina Menzel original version. The biggest pain-in-the-butt about this song to me was the thought everyone and their grandmother thought they could do a cover of it, and most of them didn’t sound good, were unoriginal, and/or were annoying.

    But I can understand people wanting to rip their ears off after only the first month or so. Heck, I wonder how much my parents wanted to gag me when I wouldn’t shut up about “Under the Sea” back in the day.

  2. this song is great man, all the songs were (except for the version of this one in the credits, not as good), and all the memes and things are proof that it’s that good.

    my only problem with it is that they could have rhymed it better. There was an obvious part in the chorus which they didn’t rhyme and it bugs me.

  3. Better than the actual song.

  4. Thank god the ditorials don’t start with that annoying overloud explosion sound.

  5. you know the song writer actually came out and apologized for this song’s popularity, because of all the emails he was getting from angry or annoyed parents who’s kids would not stop singing this song.

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