Nostalgia Critic Editorial: Does Romeo and Juliet Suck?

Is the greatest love story of all time a big load?

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  1. personally speaking,
    I think that question holds a different answer in a split perspective interpretation.
    Romeo & Juliet is at core, an emotionally driven story. the actions & reactions throughout the story
    are brash, irrational, and made on the spot, & seized in the moment.
    in the sense of the story, and metaphorical understandings, is it good? well, yeah, I can dig it.
    in the sense of the literal aspects of inspirational surreality & applying to real life persuasion, is it good?
    … Fuck no, not even a slightly little. only an idiot would say otherwise.

    it’s like the Saturday morning cartoons. you see Buggs Bunny give a cigar with a fire cracker in it to someone & when they smoke it & it explodes in their face, a few seconds later, he hits them in the head with a baseball bat.
    Is it good for a few laughs? yeah, sure. why not.
    would you do that to someone in real life? Hell freakin’ no.

    in the end, you just gotta know the difference between fiction & reality.
    and the difference between the products of fiction, & reality.
    otherwise,.. well, you’ve seen the news…

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