What’s With the Princess Hate?

Can’t we all just live Happily Ever After? What is up with all the princess hate?

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If I recall my history lessons from highschool, in medieval Europe, due to not having actual power, women could only ascend to the crown through marriage, they would essentially remain Princesses until they were married, making the man King and her Queen.

Again, if I recall correctly: If the king died but the queen stayed alive, until a daughter was married or a prince came of age, the queen would be “Queen Reagent” in charge of keeping the kingdom in order but unable to change any laws or affect it in any major way.


The problem with Cinderella is that she doesn’t “actively” pursue her goals. She doesn’t try to escape, fight back, go her own way, etc. She depends on a fairy godmother’s magic to get her out rather than self-reliance. It’s not a work ethic problem, it’s a passivity problem


Perhaps some of them can rule over a principality, not a kingdom.

Okey: A correction on the royalty line here about the Bridge to Terrabitia (probably spelled that wrong) question why his little sister isn’t queen if he’s the king… BECAUSE SHE’S HIS SISTER! In a monarchy, King is the patriarch of the family, queen the matriarch. The kids are princes and princesses. The OLDEST kid is Crown Prince/Princess and will take over as King when the old king dies. His/her spouse will then become queen/king. The rest of the family stays princes and princesses for the rest of their lives. Oh, and their spouses are called princes/princesses too. Unless they marry… Read more »

HELP. What is the soundtrack?