Ernest Saves Christmas – Nostalgia Critic

But who saves Doug? The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1988’s Ernest Saves Christmas.

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  1. I like Ernest movies he is a fun actor
    Santa gave you this movie so that you make this video and get more money
    Don’t fuck with Santa
    Get your mind out of the gutters a sack is just a sack
    Santa knows its a regular sack
    Seriously what kind of asshole train to destroy Santa’s slate

  2. “This is Ernest. I am Santa Clause.”
    Then the scared look of the girl combined with the head turn and dopey grin of Ernest.. with the bit of ‘I should be scared’ background ambiance that was probably added in.

    Makes me laugh every time. Has to be one of the best moments of the show, in my opinion anyway. 🙂

  3. Props to the guy who played Santa in this movie.

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