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(hands on side of face) AAAAAAAAAAAAH! The Nostalgia Critic reviews the sequel of a sequel with 1997’s Home Alone 3.

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I don’t know what you are talking most of these movies are are very good Home Alone 2 is a great movie its not as good as the first but it is very good two This is not Home Alone movie its a different one that is why you should not talk about a trilogy You do know that this movie is a comedy for the children Why douse it bothers you that he has a dog whistle its the suburbs who knows what kids has there is a kid that has an alien at his home Its not as… Read more »

I didn’t think Home Alone 2 was that bad, I honestly think many enjoyed it. It’s not as good as the first one but that’s the thing with sequels when it comes to comedy franchises. But HA3 was utter crap.


I liked the 3rd one.


Hey critic, there’s a difference between leaving your kid alone while you run errands which you can drop and head back home in case of an emergency, and leaving your kid on another freaking continent.