Is Tree of Life Full of Shit?

Come on, you know you asked this question. Is the Tree of Life really full of it?

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When he was talking about the movie about the two guys walking in a desert (Gerry) all I could think of was another mostly silent movie with a lot of walking (at least at the end) Electroma. Now it is a movie written and directed by, get this, the french-house band Daft Punk. While this isn’t their first foray into film (the first was a collaboration with toei animation and Leiji Matsumoto called Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem) it has a unique film style. Like their previous work the movie has no dialogue and instead conveys… Read more »
This was a really interesting question. Both Doug and the Critic talk about interpretation a lot. Personally, while I appreciate the ability and freedom to interpret things in different ways, I believe there’s a danger in doing that. This is why one of the only South Park episodes that didn’t royally annoy me was the one where the kids write a book with the intention of making it so bad that it would get banned, only to have it be one of the best books in history because of how people interpreted it. I like this episode because, to me,… Read more »

I know this is an old comment, but I definitely ascribe to the theory that the spinning top was not his totem as he said it was Mal’s
His wedding ring perhaps was. And it fits in the movie. He’s wearing it when he is dreaming and not when he’s awake.
Someone also theorized that maybe his inability to see his kids faces through out most of the film was a sign too. He sees them at the end.

I’m pretty sure he is actually awake and in reality at the end of the movie.

Peter McGowan
(SPOILERS) One movie that I think did particularly well with deliberately leaving something out was Babel. As the viewers we see far more than any of the characters ever do: we know exactly what’s going on, what motivates the characters (including their ignorance to facts that we’re privy to) and really all of the factual information… except what the girl wrote in the note to the officer. I myself had my own theory as to what she wrote; but then I took a step back and thought, “What could she have written that would have explained the movie, that would… Read more »