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The Nostalgia Critic reviews Stephen King’s It.

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This is a dumb movie
The clown is funny
People here are stupid
Your a light weight
She sees him kill himself and her reaction is this dumb
Your body is strangely reacting to alcohol


How would you type Tim Curry’s laugh? Ü-ha! Ü-ha! Ü-ha! I don’t know.


Weird. The people playing the adults all had successful careers before doing this and the only ones of the kids to have successful careers after this are Jonathan Brandis and Seth Green.


Looks like Gohma spider monster from the Legend of Zelda games.


In the book Beverly (young Beverly at age 12 mind you) sleeps with EVERYONE in the group before they kill the spider. It is supposed to be some sort of “becoming an adult” thing in the book, but it´s friggin weird!

I´m not kidding – they even describe how Ben is “bigger” than the others and how it feels good.


People are weird in It

Emilian Doyle
Okay, so, granted that I was like, five years old when I first watched it, but I was TERRIFIED by this movie when I first watched it. I couldn’t even sit through the whole thing. Watching it now, almost twenty years later, I can see how absolutely silly it is, but this damn movie still gave me a very persistent fear of clowns that, unfortunately, still affects me to this day. I guess, for it’s time, and for my age, it did a very good job of scaring the pants off me. But now? Especially when watching with NC? It’s… Read more »