Nostalgia Critic: James and the Giant Peach

This WAS a strange little movie, wasn’t it?

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  1. So, while I remember this movie fondly from when I was a kid…yeah, this movie apparently sucks. Didn’t realize it ’till now. And it’s not like I agree with all of your opinions (I love Independence Day for example), but WOW is this movie dumb and weird. I really don’t know how I enjoyed this as a kid.

  2. I just realized something. The aunts’ “WORK WORK WORK!” speech parallels to the Kirby Super Star sub-game “Revenge of Meta Knight”. If you recall, that sub-game was about Kirby stopping Meta Knight, who wanted to take over Dream Land and make them do serious work. Now listen to the first part, one of the aunts says “lollygagging in Dream Land when there’s so much work to do?”. I swear Meta Knight did that speech too.

    And also the Rhinos song was hilarious! Keep it up!

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