Jungle 2 Jungle – Nostalgia Critic

Help the Critic witness the Feces of the World! The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1997’s Jungle to Jungle.

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  1. This movie made me so mad, liek i would beat the indianized kid so much and bring him back to civilization through brute force. crush him twist him make him look over purgin of his forest with the tribe in it

  2. Funny review again. I especially loved the little Disney logo with the scream of the horrified woman (right after the dove gets shot in the neck). That cracked me up!

  3. -You are so calm
    -This is a stupid movie
    -Mom and Son are terrible people
    -I wonder why dose a kid who grownup knowing nothing about the world knows of angels its not there religion
    -Animal cruelty is never funny
    -Putin is better then most of your American leaders
    -Its good to have harem as long its not to much

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