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What a piece of work. The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1994’s Junior.

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  1. The reaction to the Schwarzenegger baby still makes me laugh.

  2. Damn, the Critic sure used his ear piercing high pitch voice much more back then.
    Always have to lower the volume then so thei neighbours won’t get angry.

  3. I hate this movie this is the movie that Arnold should never done it it is so wrong
    I agree it is a horrific scene baby’s are ugly after off
    Your dream sequence is strange i think you need to deal with your issue and talk to MaT
    There child will be scared if they would tell how he came

  4. How many more Animaniacs clips r there?

  5. I just had a thought. Politics don’t evolve in a vacuum. Maybe he had a serious script about a pregnant transgender man, but studios forced him to make it Junior.

  6. This was the worst moment in the Anhold movie history. How he could torpedo the awesome action man he was with this piece of shit???. Even the say “paycheck movie” doesn´t cut it.

  7. Oh, the Schwarzenegger baby is NOTHING compared to what I grew up with. I had to see Tom Kenny’s face superimposed on a drop of hot sauce. Seriously, Critic, do NOT look that up.

  8. Wow. This movie was so awful, by the time the review was over, I couldn’t even remember it. That’s how bad the movie is: I’m pretty sure I must have laughed at some point, but I honestly can’t remember.

  9. what happened to the dream sequence? I thought it was the funniest part of the review.

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