Nostalgia Critic: Jurassic Park 3

A sequel 65 million years in the sucking.

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  1. Fincan from Mexland

    Good news Critic!! The latest studies on Spinosaurus prove that it was an aquatic dinosaur rather than a terrestrial one. Because of this it was rather clumsy on land and probably unable to defend it self from a T-rex.

    • Keeping in mind that Spinosaurus 1) Lived on an entirely different continent than Tyrannosaurus and 2) lived 30 million years apart. Oh, and I doubt, even as an amphibious dinosaur, Spinosaurus couldn’t have defended itself against a tyrannosaur, as it *did* live with a tyrannosaur-sized therapod. That said, the scene in the movie probably wouldn’t played out as it did; more like the two would have tried to intimidate the other to back down.

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