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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 2nd Anniversary Special of – Kickassia.

Check out the fine nation of Molassia here –

Learn about our invasion of it here –

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  1. tbh,i like the spin on the “of course!” meme there xD

  2. So was this made back when the plot hole was relevant

  3. Brad with hair!

  4. Conan the commenter

    Yeah, I’m going to be a jerk and point out that just a few days after mike.j says he’ll review the anniversary movies, doug comes out and reposts his reviews of them, convenient.

  5. Oh man, seeing that title art almost gave me the impression that Marobot was back.

  6. To be absolutely honest this one has some interesting idea and few fun jokes (especially rocket chair one is my favorite). It isn’t good but later one are far worst.

  7. Bloodsehd113094

    Et tu, Critic?

    • Bloodsehd113094

      It may have been better better than Mike J’s video, but making fun of a giant joke still isn’t funny. I actually just watched this and I found it fun. Why are the people in it deciding that it needs to be made fun of? It’s already one giant joke! Making a joke about a joke only works uf the joke is awful, which these weren’t.

      • might be so people know they didn’t take themselves too seriously. Lord knows other people are still making fun of it like LordKat

        • Bloodsehd113094

          If it was funny, I wouldn’t mind. That’s also why I didn’t like the Daredevil Review. Just not enough funny jokes to justify making fun of something that isn’t that bad. But at least this didn’t have a horrible sketch that took up five minutes of the review like Daredevil.

          • That’s where we fundamentally disagree. I thought NC’s Daredevil review was the best one to come out lately within the past two or three years.

  8. Haven’t shaved? There isn’t much facial hair there.

  9. That is so funny. Mike J just reviewed this movie! I kinda do want to go to Molassia though… Also, HEY! I remember Numa Numa. That’s friggin childhood! 😀 Plus, I swear that this was posted before but I might be mistaken.

  10. I think its clear Doug should leave the meta humor to Phelous.

  11. TheRottenLeprechaun

    I still like Kickassia. It was the thing that made me branch out from just NC videos to the general Channel Awesome.

  12. Wow, what’s Mike J doing in the plot hole? And why does he look so different?

  13. Mike J isn’t going to like this.

    Never watched kickassia doesn’t look too bad though

  14. This shit was hilarious at the time. A thrill, even.

  15. The “Batman voice” impersonation is average, but the slightly below-average impersonation of the “Batman voice” impersonation (“below” because, copy of a copy, and all that) is superb representation of Clint Eastwood.

  16. The Mysterious M

    Is it just me or is Film Brain kind of adorable? XD

  17. The Mysterious M

    Wait… I just realized something…is Linkara doing George C. Scott doing Patton?

  18. Kickassia is good… Suburban Knights and To Boldly Flee are shit…

    While Kickassia was fresh and high paced, in its akwardness, the others got pretty boring (the only thing I really like is Angry Joe and his “I’m Inigo Montoya, you killed my ______”)

  19. I liked the show that was made
    You made this voice before the Batman and your is better

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