Nostalgia Critic: Man of Steel

Angry Joe joins the Nostalgia Critic as they fight over the summer blockbuster.

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  1. three things:

    A) He said that Klark would change everything, he never said for better or worse.

    B) Zod wasn’t getting used to the atmosphere, he was getting used to the powers that he, as a Kryptonian, also obtained from being exposed to the yellow sun of Earth. I couldn’t say exactly why he mastered them so easily in that one scene, but my best guess is that he was bred to be a soldier, which makes his determination and focus unequaled. also, he’s a psychopathic villain.

    C) It’s been a while since i’ve seen man of steel, but i remember it being alright, pretty good even, but perhaps not a total blockbuster

  2. why didn’t he just fly through the roof? that would have stopped him.

  3. Wait. Why couldn’t Zod use the machine to make krypton somewhere else. Like Mars or something.

  4. That song at the start was catchy as hell.

  5. Guys, music name on 46:17. Pls! I’ve been looking for this so much time and didnt found.

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