Nostalgia Critic: Master of Disguise

Said to be one of the worst comedies of all time. Turtle!

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  1. Starman Matt Morrison

    I remember reading somewhere that Dana Carvey had written this intending for it to be a funny kids movie and something to make his own children laugh, but that once Happy Madison got their hands on it they decided to try and make it into the next Austin Powers.

    It’s an interesting thought, if true, and would explain a lot of the disparity between the direction and Carvey just being goody for the sake of being goofy.

    • I remember hearing that it was like austin powers, and that made me want to watch it. I was eight at the time, but for reasons I don’t remember I really wanted to like austin powers, and I guess this movie was like a step towards that or something. I think I even convinced myself I actually liked it for awhile before reality hit me.

  2. When the personified fart joke is the most interesting character, you know that this movie has problems.

  3. That Baseball bat scene was epic!

  4. oh god, just do dune already! or better: old vs new dune!

  5. Damn, Rachel was so awesome. Wish she was back.

  6. I actually liked the movie when it came out. To be fair though I was probably laughing more at the movie rather than with it. I also though all the fart jokes were funny, though some obviously worked better than others.
    I’m sorry to have to say this Doug but it must be addressed. Honestly, I’m not sure which is worse, the racial stereotypes in the movie or the racial insensitivity of having a black guy (any black person) portray the personification of a fart joke. I know Malcolm was okay with it but that doesn’t make it any less wrong.
    Other than that it was a pretty nice video.

    • I am still struggeling to understand the logic of you SJWs. Explain this to me, why is having a black guy as the fart joke “wrong”? Would it be okay if he was Asian? Or native American? Or are you just another person who is desperatly looking for signs of racism everywhere because you just don’t understand that sheltering black people from any kind of joke is just as racist as… whatever it is that’s racist about this video.

    • Zartan The Destroyer

      Bradley that was the whiniest bunch of checkbook SJW nonsense I have ever read.

      Malcolm THE BLACK GUY, ok’d it and you’re still offended like a whiny child that can’t accept reality.

      You people are pathetic.

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