Nostalgia Critic Matrix Month Announcement

An update on Nostalgia Critic’s Matrix month.

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  1. I don’t use Halls or most other lozenges, since they tend to have high-fructose corn syrup; as well as other cancer/diabetes-causing chemicals in them.

    I take Zarbee’s, or Coldcalm (Boirn makes the latter) when I have a cold, and Cold-Eeze lozenges or Fisherman’s Friend lozenges, for a sore throat.
    Fisherman’s Friend lozenges don’t taste very good, but they don’t have corn syrup in them.
    Zarbee’s also makes a hot drink mix for sore throats (it tastes like apples).
    Whole Foods (there are a lot of Whole Foods stores in Chicago) and other health food stores carry all of the above, but you can also find them at a lot of regular drugstores like Walgreen’s or CVS.
    And at some regular grocery stores.

  2. did you try Magic?! that always works with me when I’m sick!
    just go to your local shaman and he’ll write you a potion or something.

    you do have mystic users in America?!

  3. Don’t worry about us, we’ll wait. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I hope you get better soon, I hate it when I lose my voice!

  5. Awwww, get better, good sir.

  6. Get well soon Doug~!

  7. You work so hard, Doug. Rest up and feel better.

  8. Not unlike a jellyfish sting, you have to pee on a sore throat, so yeah… soak your sore throat in urine and you should be good to go… barring that, please get better, kitten. We need you.

  9. Doug, as a loyal viewer, and someone that’s been studying medicine and illness for 2 years….You can’t rush or ignore your health….take as long as you need to get better! I and so many more of us will be waiting!

  10. Comidia Del Arte

    Kinda in the same boat with you. Sick twice, both at the beginning of the Fall and Winter term. I suggest a mixture of honey and cinnamon on toast, and perhaps some cold kicker tea, and maybe some throat coat tea.

    I hope you feel better Doug!

  11. Hope you feel better. I heard you said you were going to talk about the Wind Rises, and i thought it was an ok movie. It wasnt a great film but it was just ok

  12. Get well soon. We’d rather have no Doug Walker video than no Doug Walker.

  13. Relax, good sir! No need to apologize, it’s not like a little waiting is going to kill us. Hope you’ll feel better soon!

  14. Get well soon, of course, but you need to do the “Over the Garden Wall” reviews while you’re still sick. Your voice will go great with a character we meet near the end of the series.

    And that’s a Rock Fact.

  15. Apology accepted, get well soon.

  16. Get well soon, Doug.

  17. Get well soon, Doug. It’s sad, isn’t it? Even the thought of The Matrix 3 makes you sick.

  18. GET WELL DOUG!!!

  19. Sorry you’re feeling so icky Doug, I know how you feel. I got strep throat right on Christmas Eve. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  20. Rest that voice, lots of tea! I give you my sympathy, I only just got over a sore throat/cough that lasted two weeks. We’ll wait!

  21. Hey, man. No rush. We are glad you let us know what’s up instead of just going silent. We can wait for you to get better. Now go back to bed and don’t think about it or write notes for some future videos, if you feel you need to do something.

  22. I empathize. Once, I had to be in a school play, then I got sick on the day of the performance. It sucks, man. Get well, soon!

  23. Nostalgia Goddess


  24. i just made myself an account to letting you know that we suppourt you from here Argentina, get well soon Doug

  25. Get well soon and I had an Idea for a while: How about a Ghiblicember this year ?

  26. Mejorate pronto

  27. ilovethings andstuff

    hope you feel better now that some time has past… if not, hope you feel better soon Doug

  28. Ironically, I was just asking myself: “You know, Doug does these every week…and I wonder if he ever gets sick and has to try and do one ‘through a cold’ or something…”

  29. Get well soon, Doug. We’ll wait for you.

  30. Doug,

    Do you have the habit of getting a flu shot every September or so ?

    If you don’t, you need to get it, like me, as I’ve found that over time it mitigates whatever colds you do have, if it doesn’t pre-empt them fully.

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