Nostalgia Critic: Mortal Kombat Annihilation

Extended Episode for your enjoyment! The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the horror that is Mortal Kombat Annihilation!

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  1. So the stuff with the bum at the beginning was annoying, but the mourning over the beard was funny. And so was drawing on the fake one at the end. Never seen the movie or even heard of it. Love the American Gladiators reference!

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    It’s like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bulls***.

    It’s like they’re fighting in a trampoline factory.

    …and is suddenly attacked by Bowser’s anorexic sister.

  2. -This is a great movie
    -If it wasn’t PG it would haw been even better
    -It is always stupid when people change in the sequels the characters
    -O it was such a beautiful scene when Johny Cage died
    -Milf is great
    -You clearly didn’t known what the characters back story
    -How many button mashing did you don when you played MK game?
    -I remember this movie and i remember how much i liked it

  3. honestly, I likes MK-1 movie. that was actually, for an adaptation, pretty good fore most.
    it was classic 90’s action & story, and the soundtrack? freakin killer.
    MK-2 however,.. well, the soundtrack was good, and,.. the soundtrack was good.
    honestly, the movie suffered the same fate ALL fighter-game flick-adaptations suffer.
    too many characters, too little time-run for a film, and not enough back-story to give even the chosen main characters justice in story telling, on account of shoving in as many game characters as possible.
    and what happens when ya cram so many characters, so much story, & so much action?
    you get a huge hell of a mess. the story’s jumbled, broken & rushed due to the run-time limit, the chosen main characters don’t get a bond with the viewer, while the chosen side characters that might be more or less favored than the chosen main get screwed out of their involvement, and the choreography (the one thing that should be easiest to handle out of all the filming since it’s the one thing that is the film’s own) looks either off, lazy, or just plain stupid (and I know the philosophy; “the most elegant dancers are the most deadliest warriors” is quite true, but in film, you don’t want to take it too literally. we came to see an ass-whoopin’, not the nutcracker ballet)
    and the actor/actress change doesn’t help this film either.
    nor does the quick kill-off of one of the main characters.
    this film, while having some nice parts, was over all a disaster. a flop since scene-1

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