Nostalgia Critic: Mr. Nanny

The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1993 Hulk Hogan movie, Mr. Nanny.

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  1. I recognize a few of those wrestlers in the opening! Kamala, Zodiac(Brutus Beefcake), and George The Animal Steele!

  2. A kid in King Arthur is horrible compare to this
    I don’t care what people say i like Hulkster movies
    Hulk Hogan is a great actor and the best wrestler
    this kids are psychotic
    Do you truly know how a weapon works also he is much stronger then you
    If you wanna see a good Nanny movie watch Twin Sitters but this is a good one two

    • A great actor? Really? I mean, I found his movies entertaining too, but he was hardly making me feel and emote with his acting skills making me feel he’s worth of an Oscar.

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