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Looking at the OUTSIDE of Bill Murray is hard enough. Join the Nostalgia Critic as he reviews 2001’s part live action part animation movie Osmosis Jones.

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  1. Hey would you look at that. Nostalgia Critic reviews Osmosis Jones. Only a month after Pan Pizza did it. Coincidence? I think yes.

    • Who’s Pan Pizza? I don’t seem to recall any laws for reviewers doing the same movie.

    • Pan Pizza beat him to it!!! First they boot him off TGWTG, now they rip him off?!! YOU FUCKS

      • Wait, Pan Pizza, was on TGWTG? When was this?

        • He -was- going to be with the site, but a schedule hiccup caused him to miss a Skype conversation to iron out the work details. Lupa, Phelous, and company were “let go” around the same time.

        • From what I’ve heard, the whole thing was that Pan was going to be on TGWTG, but he was not chosen because, brace yourselves, here’s the best part, HE DIDN’T ANSWER A SKYPE CALL… YEAH. I don’t know if that’s a requirement to do so, but man, if that ain’t the biggest load of bullshit ever, I don’t know what is. Still, who knows, maybe that’s for the best.

          • It’s true. Pan is better off on his own!

          • That’s a bummer. He would have been a great addition to this site. 🙁

          • I’m pretty sure that “SKYPE CALL” would have acted as his job interview for the site and typically if you don’t make your job interview then you don’t get the job. I know that can feel like “bullshit” at times if things like in Pan’s case where he got screwed over by scheduling conflicts but that’s just how life works. Life’s shitty and not always fair but when things go bad you either suck it up and try again or move on to new prospects.

      • Yep, that’s sound logic right there.

    • Zander Von Solidarc

      A tad fitting, given all the apparent “inspiration” Inside Out took from Osmosis Jones, wouldn’t you think?

      • well, France did came out with a cartoon that make Osmosis Jones look like a rip off, what i could remember from my child hood, and it was called…once upon a time…life, and yes, i do live in europe :3 and while im at it, maybe Douge should take a look of old cartoon from France :3

        • Oh god I thought I was the only one who remembered that show. It was called Once Upon a Time …Life and there were the major theme was history or famous inventors.

          This show was very good in explaining the human body and while the characters are stock and they tend to be a bit preachy it is miles better than Osmosis.

          • I was too young to see the show when it aired, but I remember loving the video game tie-ins. They were surprisingly polished and fun to play for semi-educational games of the WinMe era… I’ve been wanting to look at the cartoon ever since, and now I might binge-watch some. Thanks to the both of you for mentioning it!

            PS: And that theme song! It’s pretty unforgettable.

          • I’m still surprised that good educational cartoon even can exist..

        • Some should draw fanart of “Douge” from this comment, with it being a Doge + Doug mashup.

      • Well. Someone said some time ago that most ideas were already invented so expecting originality from anything is pointless (and even if happen that don’t mean it is well executed). In modern times far more important is how well polished is something or how smooth it bland with other ideas mixed with it. That is what make a good show on the first place.

        • Yeah, it was said in the Bible. Somehow, I think that line’s been disproven by comic books, moving pictures, electricity-based air conditioning, video games, the internet, the printing press, Batman, using moving pictures for pornography, photographs, using those for porn, and more, all of which were created after it said that.

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Why is this filed under Chick?

  3. Heart-Lightning

    I’m not surprised that this got an animated feature as well given how many Jr. High School students loved this movie to death.

    My Jr. High class use to love hearing that we were watching this movie. I never really went either way with it.

    • well, its not everyday you have a cartoon dwelling so well in biology. As much as cartoon based in scientific areas like astronomy, geology and chemistry, Ozzy and Drix was the show that pretty much did it RIGHT. The plot made sense, the biological interpretattion was actualy quite good, specialy the way they managed to compare a body to a city, and it also managed to be highly educative in matters like growing up, puberty and drug use.

  4. Oh boy, here we go.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      Cue wacky chase music as angry Jones fans chase Critic, then Jones haters chase fans, then Critic chases them both with a big BANNED stamp, then they chase the Critic with a big HASHTAG stamp, then the stamps grow legs and chase the Critic, the fans, and the haters, then the fans and Critics form an angry mob and chase the stamps, then Carmen Miranda chases them all, then Benny Hill chases the Critic while he eats fruit out of Mirada’s hat, and then they all run into the parade from Animal House and get knocked out by the marching band.

  5. I dunno why he included the Three Stooges movie as a bad one, that one was fairly decent and quite fun.

    • Yeah I liked that movie. It was really funny, plus any movie that hurts the Jersey Shore crew earns a plus in my book.

    • It’s a stupid, pointless movie. But the 3 Stooges WERE stupid and pointless. I think people have rose-colored glasses when it comes to their comedy. Once you get passed that, it pretty much nails the Stooges’ type of humor. The movie is exactly what it set out to be: a modern day Stooges movie.

      That said, say what you will about the movie, but the guys playing the Stooges nailed it. Especially Moe – he didn’t feel like he was imitating Moe Howard, he felt like he was channeling him. It was a pretty great performance for such an intentionally stupid movie.

    • Yeah, that was one of the best adaptations of the TV series ever made. It was actually faithful to the series. Don’t know how that could be seen as bad.

  6. Fuck Inside out and play Psychonauts… much better way to spend time.

    • I jus saw Inside Out and I can say that Psychonauts is a similar way to view the mind as this movie viewed comedy and originality. In other words, don’t fuck with disney!

  7. The fact that your “You are going down on her” was about a twelve year old girl makes it waaaaaaaaaay worse than anything said in this movie.

    • Considering that there’s a line in Kid Rock’s (Kidney Rock) song about only having sex with girls who are underage, this might have bene in even worse taste had Critic commented on that first.

      • And, if you’re wondering, here’s the lyric.

        “Young ladies, young ladies
        I like ’em underage see
        Some say that’s statutory
        (Joe C.) But I say it’s mandatory!”

  8. Hm, with “Pissed Off” out of Critic’s head, I wonder if that means he’ll get a little nicer.

  9. Rocko the Great

    Why is he not using the Blip player in this episode?

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      Blip’s closing in 30 days

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        I was about to say that. But if the blip of Doug doesn’t have the video you could always wait until tommorow when it comes on channel awesome’s YouTube page(if warner bros doesn’t copyright it).

        Also blip is shutting down and Doug probably heard the news and that’s why he probably isin’t using it.

      • Thank god.

        Now they just have to go and replace every single BLIP feed on the site. Have fun!

  10. aaaaaactualy I have to say…inside out and osmosis Jones are pretty much two sides of the same coin. Inside out dwells on the human MIND, emotions, memory, etc. Osmosis Jones is all biology, no psychology. its about things like blood, hormones, viruses and diseases. basically you have Inside Out above the neck, and Osmosis jones below the neck.

  11. OH GOD, DOUG, THAT WAS BRILLIANT. I completely adored Inside Out, so I loved every moment inside your “Headquarters.” Everyone did such a great job saluting the performances of the original emotions (and Osmosis Jones), and I loved the parallels you drew. It was so unbelievably entertaining to watch. Fabulous review!! xoxo

  12. Inside Out is quickly becoming the next Frozen for me, and by that I mean that it’s being talked about by everyone around me to the extent that I’m beginning to get tired of it. I know it’s a good movie (though it does have flaws) but the Frozen effect is starting to get to me with Inside Out.

  13. There’s actually a very good reason as to why off-colored blood is considered more acceptable than red blood!! You see, the sight of realistic blood, along with facial expressions and a few other things, is processed not only in the part of your brain that makes sense of what you’re seeing, but also in another part of your brain that handles emotions, especially fear. When we see realistic blood, it’s not only immediately recognized by the emotional/fear response part of our brains, but then also interpreted by the visual processing part of our brains that allows us to consciously recognize what we’re seeing as blood. If the blood is a color other than red, though, then the emotional part of our brains doesn’t recognize it as blood — only the visual processing part of our brains. We can consciously recognize it as blood and perhaps be emotionally impacted because of it, but it doesn’t DIRECTLY affect our emotions the way red blood would. Sure, to someone desensitized to the sight of blood, it doesn’t make too much of a difference, but to someone who WOULD be freaked out by the sight of blood (as we like to think that kids would be), it does matter a lot more.

    You joke about how the blood in notably gory films would get a pass if it was a different color, but, it’s actually kind of true. In fact, fun game: try looking up images of films, TV shows, or anything really where someone’s bleeding off-color blood, and compare it to a well-Photoshopped version that shows what the scene would look like if the blood was red. Weirdly enough, the images with red blood do just sort of FEEL more gory, even though both images would have the same amount of blood. The red blood images just stand out to us more and send off more alarms in our brain because our emotional centers recognize it as blood even before we can consciously see it as such, ourselves, whereas off-color blood is ONLY recognized as blood by our conscious thought and not our more subconscious emotional responses, so it doesn’t appear to be as gory, even if the rational side of our brains can’t figure out why.

  14. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I would actually like to give this film a watch again since
    1. I haven’t seen it since middle school and
    2. I remember liking this movie and thinking it was o.k.
    But the review was good and I’m glad you reviewed the movie I requested and asked rob if you could and he said he’ll see but I’m glad you did and I’m glad you pointed out the cop cliches and loved the family picture joke. I also liked how you did inside out and you had Chris Rock in the body with them as well(love the other people too including Tamara’s brother and I’m suprised this video had no curse words since ya know you usually curse. I loved inside out as well and it’s probably coming the next frozen(in my opinion and as stated above by another commenter.

    Well channel awesome comment section what do you think Doug will review next?

  15. Ugh, this movie. I remember when I was in junior high, a science teacher of mine brought in the movie for us to watch. She made us girls take a vow to never let men hit on us the way Osmosis Jones does. That enough left a bad taste in my mouth, but the movie itself is just gross without being funny.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      I really, really hate to stand up for a man hitting on a woman, especially when said woman is pretty much a one-dimensional prop so they can check “love interest” off the list, but in the film it’s pretty clear that the two know each other and have an on-again-off-again relationship, and that she doesn’t mind getting hit on by him. She even gets in a pretty clever below-the-radar masturbation joke in at his expense (him: “There’s cells lining up around the block to divide with me.” her: “Really? Because you look like the kind of cell who likes to divide with himself”). Granted, it doesn’t make too much sense biologically, since cells do divide by themselves, but still.

      I agree that there’s way too much gross-out humor, but, as much as it pains me to say it, I did find the movie overall to be kind of funny. Particularly the visual gags, like the x-ray machine.

  16. Meh, I loved this movie when I first saw it. I still love it. Honestly I thought it was great. Still though, I do acknowledge that it’s not the greatest nor is it really that clever. But, I love it none-the-less. I loved the review and now I wanna watch the movie again XD

  17. AW, Osmosis Jones is basically childhood! Besides Titan A.E. it was one of the movies that I watched the MOST as a kid. Follow up comment to come after I actually watch the video.

  18. I love Osmosis Jones but I understand the complaints, Thrax in particular is one of my fave animated characters, he’s so freaking intimidating. I know the cliches are thick and fast but I thought that was the point… not that that really excuses it… regardless, I still love the film, I watched it just the other night. The animation and designs are gorgeous, the VOICE acting is good and Thrax is awesome… did I mention Thrax?

    Can’t wait to see Inside Out, it’s out in 3 days here in the UK.

    • What was the deal with the most intimidating villains in animated movies being the most colorful ones? King Candy’s final form, Thrax, Hexxus’s final form from Ferngully, Ratigan, The Horned King, Lord Zedd from Power Rangers?

      Compare those guys to Hans from Frozen, Professor What’s-His-Face from Big Hero 6, Titan from Megamind, none of them are intimidating.

  19. Yet this somehow managed to get an animated spin-off. At least it was better then the movie and hey, they did get Tim Curry for the first two episodes.

  20. This freakin’ player doesn’t work

  21. Are you going to make a video about your stay in Finland or just post about it somewhere?
    I’m finnish myself, so me and my brothers would really love to hear what you have to say about our home.
    Be it positive, negative or whatever.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Doug is actually back in Chicago now but is taking a break since he feels a little sick and he’s trying to get better and that’s why the bum review and sibling rivalry episodes on ant man had to be pushed back but maybe he’ll film this Friday or not(idk)!

  22. fireinmysockets

    Ah osmosis Jones.. I used to like this movie as a kid. But looking back, it really did kind of suck didn’t it? It just makes me cringe every time I hear a pun.

    But y’know what still puzzles me about this movie above all else after all these years? How in the hell did it get turned into a tv show? Was this film really popular enough to warrant that? No, I really don’t believe that to be the case. Does anyone know why that happened? Anyone at all?

    • littlewillie610

      I think it sold well on video.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      The film was really popular and did well in theaters, not to mention being memorable for many people. Lots of IPs have gotten TV shows on less grounding.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Actually the film bombed at the box office. Sorry to burst your bubble but look it up on box office mojo.

        • Oddworld Inhabitant

          Right, my mistake. Would edit, but can’t. Still, it was popular and memorable (more the latter than the former) that they thought they could spin it into a TV show. Maybe there’s some more behind-the-scenes stuff to it, but I wouldn’t know about any of that.

  23. littlewillie610

    I remember seeing this in the theater when I was six; it was more or less my introduction to human anatomy. I don’t think I really gravitated towards the gross-out humor, but I really liked the setting and ideas. The villain was also fairly memorable.

  24. does /anyone/ remember the osmosis jones /series/ that followed this?

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      I remember watching it as a kid but don’t know if I remember anything from it but in pan pizzas video for osmosis jones he mentioned it and that’s how I remembered it.

    • Yeah but they were in some teenage dude’s body instead. It was still pretty good, I think…

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      I caught a few episodes. They were mostly decent, if really predictable. It tried it’s best to teach kinds a bit of biology, but the need for repeating villains and tension kind of undermined the piece, not to mention their over-reliance on footage form the movie and a really annoying kid mayor character. There also was a kind of sexist two-parter where they go into a girl’s body and it’s all pretty and girl and the cells are all women except for one really fay man, who tries to team up with a virus to kill the girl because he can’t stand being around that much femininity. On the other hand, there was a pretty good episode where Tim Curry plays nicotine and is brilliant in the role, so I’d say the show more-or-less broke even.

    • I remember watching some of the series as a kid: Bizarrely I’d never actually heard of the film it was based on until a few years back. The show was called “Ozzy and Drix” and basically it’s pretty similar to the movie except that instead of Chris Rock Ozzy is voiced by Phil Lamarr (Hermes from Futurama) and in the first episode they get dragged from ‘Not Bill Murray’ Frank into a puberty-ridden teenager called Hector via a Mosquito; the reason that they stay is because as a teenager that was when Frank’s life started to go wrong, so they feel that they can’t let it happen again to the other kid. personally I feel that the show works a lot better than the movie because it’s all animated, so there isn’t quite so much contrast with the Hector scenes as there is with the internal ones. Drix is a much more cheerful, naive and likeable character, the show works pretty well independent of the film actually. Also it has a super cheesy intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRqjN7mEFYI

      Infact, I do remember that two-parter as well, and I think it’s Ozzy who gets thrown into the girl’s body (Who just so happens to be Hector’s love interest) and he has to get back to Hector otherwise he’ll turn into a female blood cell… The other one I remember is where Hector has a nightmare and they have to go inside his dream and help him face his fear, (Because it’s keeping the cells awake at night) but it’s more like Inception than Inside Out because anything that happens to them in the dream, happens for real. I also distinctly remember them doing the “Brain Freeze” joke that Inside Out does within the first 10 minutes or so. The kid mayor is definitely an annoying comedy character, apparently they mention that he once told all the cells to go to the left side of Hector’s body to see whether he would tip over.

  25. Another take on the anthropomorphised body systems which seems to have been forgotten by most is “Once upon a time… Life” It’s a French production so it’s understandable that a lot of people overlook it but it did get an English dub as “How My Body Works”


    It’s definitely more Edutainment than anything else so it might not be all that enjoyable but it does have an interesting style to it.

  26. Yeah, whenever I re-watch this movie, I realize how LARGELY inappropriate this movie is for kids! My, my! LOL. I still like it but yeah, I remember always going to get a snack when the live-action parts would come on. Well, Drax asked to stay with him because he felt sorry for him. Also, man, I wish that you had paid attention to the fact that the Kid Rock song said “I like em’ underaged”. Man, I was hoping that you would notice that.

  27. Three Degrees of Bacon

    Can you upload it to something besides Screenwave? It’s always given me trouble, and starting a week or two ago, anything uploaded with Screenwave lacks audio. I haven’t found a fix yet. Don’t see the last few videos uploaded to the League of Super Critics YouTube channel. If I find another option, I’ll watch it. But currently? A review without audio is kinda pointless for me.

    • Check the player’s volume slider. If it’s up, then you have a different problem than I do.

      • Three Degrees of Bacon

        Already checked that. No good. I did just figure out that I get audio using Chrome but not Firefox. Doesn’t really matter though, because Screenwave has always been buggy on my computer, and apparently a lot of people have that problem. That’s why Linkara uploads a backup to Blip, now YouTube. Audio distorts, video skips, etc. Anything longer than 10 minutes is completely unwatchable. Sometimes the screen freezes while audio continues. Sometimes the video skips ahead a few minutes. Sometimes that skip is actually the video attempting to do a round, and it plays two different audio portions at the same time. And it keeps rapidly switching between widescreen and fullscreen views. I’m afraid I’m just not gonna watch any new NC until an alternative to Screenwave is uploaded.

  28. While yes this movie had problems, I found it to be a decent enough flick for my taste. Honestly it made me curious to what other illnesses look like. I envision Cancer being some sort of Lovecrafitian Horror.

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