Nostalgia Critic: Patch Adams

The doctor is in? I’m checking out!

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  1. I’ll be honest. before I did research on it, I actually liked this movie (“likED” being key word)
    I still have nothin’ against robin williams, I still like him (NO, I’m not saying that just because he passed away, he was one of my favored actors way back then, as much as he is now, even after his passing). but this movie. especially after I looked more into it, I lost all respects for the film. on it’s own, I guess it still holds, but when you compare it to the source it’s based off of, it definitely cripples & falls. especially when you find out what all they twisted in the movie. over all, nostalgically, I guess it’s still an okay watch. but ethically & wholly, I wouldn’t watch it anytime so ever. even if it was the ONLY thing to watch, I’d still debate on seein’ it again.

  2. What do you think of Dead Poet’s Society?

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