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Behold, the Passion of the Bay! 2001’s Pearl Harbor is reviewed by the Nostalgia Critic.

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you are entirely correct about the hospitals. An interesting thing about japan. they hold a person’s, a FAMILY’S honor in the highest regard. it was dishonorable to attack unarmed and uninvolved people in a battle. the military wouldn’t do anything to damage their home country’s honor like bay’s saying they did

Tony Ciccariello

a bit of history for you. My wife’s family were in china, the japanese killed all of my father-in-law’s brothers, used one for bayonet practice. they also slaughtered men women and children. they did not care about families, at least not in china


Well… The scores good.

My Masters degree is in World War II. I love World War II and its movies. My Masters thesis is on documentary film of the Pacific Theater in WWII. In college (undergrad), friends told me “You HAVE to see Pearl Harbor! You’ll love it!” So, I went. Only movie I’ve ever seen in the theaters that I pretty much had to hold on to my chair to keep from walking out on. Things in this movie that made me MAD: 1. 1941 and no one smoked? I’m not a smoker–allergic to it–but I guarantee that most of the people smoked… Read more »

Personally I really like this movie, and think it’s a great homage to the American innocence at time and to the people who were involved. Though I do agree with you on historical inaccuracy (but it is Hollywood, you do expect them toy around with history a little bit to play up the drama)

Tony Ciccariello

Hi, a Navy Vet here. I agree totally with your review, he butchered history and the deeds of the good men that died. two points
1: Lots of sailors cannot swim.
2: when General Quarters sounds, whether your dressed, in a towel or naked, you go to your stations.
Otherwise, great review