Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On – Balto

The Nostalgia Crtic made fun of it, but do Rob and Doug actually not like the animated nostalgic classic, Balto?

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Neo Ultra Mike

Wait I thought Bad movie Beatdown had the top spot when it came out on Fridays. Why does a real thoughts vlog video outrank the 2016 best to worst BMB exactly?


Braveheart: it takes on a whole new meaning when you find out that the Princess he supposedly committed adultery with was about 8-years-old when William Wallace died. *JIBBLY JIBBLY JIBBLY!*



Man, it’s been ages since I’ve seen “Balto.” My animal-crazy cousin loved the movie and I remember seeing it with her at least once, and maybe some other time in my childhood. I remember vaguely liking it — wolves have always been my favorite animal — but never remembered much about it. I wouldn’t have considered checking it out again, but your love for the things it does well means that I’ll keep my eye out for it. Thanks!

Devil's Advocate
I actually don’t know of anything really wrong with the film’s sequels. for one, they don’t even try to say it was a true story witch you guys might like and Kodi in the third movie was clearly conflicted about weather to help Balto and didn’t just suddenly make a face turn. and if you look at it from his point of view, it’s a bit understandable why he at first wanted to leave Duke to die. and I don’t think Steele needed any fleshing out. not everyone in real life has even the tiniest bit of good in them,… Read more »

Please do a The LEGO Batman Movie vlog


I watched this movie as a kid a few times. However, I didn’t see it often because I saw it as depressing. Heck, I think I saw We’re Back more and I DEFINTELY saw Road to El Dorado more. Although, Doug thinks Pocahontas is a bad movie? Wha-?